Terms and Conditions

Any and all works carried out by Taren Point Plumbing Pty Ltd either quoted or otherwise shall be subject to these Terms and Conditions in full. It is the sole responsibility of the client to read the Terms and the Conditions carefully and pursue legal advice if required prior to engaging Taren Point Plumbing Pty Ltd.

1. Definitions:
  • 1.1 “Plumber” means Taren Point Plumbing Pty Ltd, or any agent, contractors and employees hereof.
  • 1.2 “Client” shall mean the client, any person acting on behalf of & with the authority of the client, or any person purchasing products & services from Taren Point Plumbing Pty Ltd. Where the Client is a corporation or partnership, its directors or partners agree to be bound by this contract jointly and severally.
  • 1.3 “Contracted Price” shall mean the quoted price and any variation or in the absence of a quote the time and material rates as specified on the invoice.
  • 1.4 “Quotation” shall mean the quotation, estimate, invoice, or any other work commencement documentation provided by the Plumber to the Client.
2. Quotations:
  • 2.1 Unless previously withdrawn, a quotation issued by the Plumber is open for acceptance for 60 days.
  • 2.2 Once an order has been accepted by the Plumber, the Client cannot cancel it without the express consent of the Plumber at least 3 business days prior to start with written notification. Where the Plumber has already ordered goods from a third party, cancellation will only be possible if the Plumber can return the goods to the third party at no loss to the Plumber.
  • 2.3 Any approved work needs to be submitted in writing unless stated otherwise by the Plumber.
  • 2.4 Quoted work is to be carried out during normal business hours unless stated otherwise.
3. Contract Price and Payment:
  • 3.1 The Client shall pay the Plumber the Contract Price and any variation in accordance with these terms and conditions.
  • 3.2 The price is payable in full via cash, EFT or credit card without any deduction at the completion of the works unless otherwise agreed in writing with the Plumber.
  • 3.3 A credit card transaction fee applies to all credit card payments.
  • 3.4 The Plumber may require a deposit from the Client, and if a deposit is so requested by the Plumber, the Client acknowledges the Plumber is under no obligation to undertake any work as requested by the Client until the deposit is received by the Plumber in full and when all details pertaining to contract are finalised.
  • 3.5 The Client must, within the time specified in the Plumber’s quote and/or work authorisation form, pay the Plumber the total amount set out in the invoice.
4. Site Variations:
  • 4.1 The Plumber will endeavour to carry out all works as specified in the quotation without additional cost, however possible variations to an accepted quote or contract may occur.
  • 4.2 Do and Charge: The hourly rate for “Do and Charge‟ work may change should the Plumber hit an unforeseen problem, requiring the hire of special equipment and if necessary, an operator to complete the work. The Client shall be responsible for all costs and expenses associated with such a hire and a daily hire rate shall apply. The Client will be notified at their earliest convenience and approval sought to carry out the additional works. Should the quoted job cease due to the client unable to continue with any additional charges then the work that has been carried out will be finalised and invoiced to the Client at a percentage of completed work at the discretion of the Plumber. This may include costs to leave the site in a safe manner.
  • Some examples of unforeseen problems, including, but not limited to:
    • • Any excavation of rock.
    • • Dewatering of trenches if required.
    • • Relocation or temporary removal of any services that may be obstructing access to the service renewal required.
    • • Removal of excess spoil.
    • • Work other than that specified in this quotation.
    • • Restoration of any disturbed surfaces unless specified to reinstate.
    • • Concrete cutting and/or drilling in excess of 200mm, will incur additional costs to the Customer.
    • • Asbestos found while carrying out work.
5. The Client agrees:
  • 5.1 Indemnity: The Client shall indemnify the Plumber against any and all actions, claims, demands, suits, losses, costs, expenses and charges which the Plumber may suffer or incur in connection with a claim by a third party, resulting from a breach of the Client’s obligations, undertakings and representation in connection with the Contract – including services concealed under concrete or otherwise that are not adequately disclosed through “dial before you dig” inquiry.
  • 5.2 The Plumber is entitled to a reasonable extension of time to complete the works due to any matter over which the Plumber has no control including, but not limited to, disputes with the neighbours, inclement weather, industrial disputation, the unavailability of nominated materials or fittings and the Industry shutdown commencing on 22nd December each year.
  • 5.3 That should he or she become bankrupt or execute a deed of assignment or arrangement or go into liquidation or have a receiver or official manager appointed, or be in breach of any of the above items then the Plumber may, where such default is capable of remedy, issue a written notice to the owner requiring the matter to be rectified within 14 days and immediately suspended works.
  • 5.4 If the matter is not rectified, the plumber may terminate this agreement and recover all outstanding monies.
6. Plumber’s Obligations:
  • 6.1 The Plumber will use its best efforts to supply goods and services in accordance with the Quotation but will not be liable to the Client for any delays, no matter what the reason.
  • 6.2 The Plumber shall perform work in a professional manner as per Australian Standards.
7. Cancellation:
  • 7.1 Once an order has been accepted by the Plumber, the Client cannot cancel it without the express consent of the Plumber at least 3 business days prior to start with written notification. Where the Plumber has already ordered goods from a third party, cancellation will only be possible if the Plumber can return the goods to the third party at no loss to the Plumber.
  • 7.2 The client shall reimburse the Plumber for any costs, expenses or losses incurred by the Plumber should the Client cancel an accepted quote or work authorisation. The time for payment for such cancellation is the same day from the Plumber’s invoice.
8. Warranty: Plumbing and Drainage Regulation 2017

The Plumbing Code of Australia is the technical standard for compliance throughout NSW. Plumbing and drainage work, as well as materials or products, which comply with the provisions of AS/NZS 3500.

  • 8.1 Warranty shall be vaild for 12 months (unless otherwise stated) from invoice date. Warranty shall only be vaild on exact location and works as carried out by the Plumber. Client must provide original invoice for proof of works
  • 8.2 All valve and valve type parts as well as any specified item installed by the Plumber must be serviced annually by the Plumber. Failure to do so shall void all warranty. It is the sole responsibility of the client to arrange an appointment.
  • 8.3 The clearing of drains will not come with a warranty due to the unknown condition of the pipe work and the potential of a forein objects entering the pipes.
  • 8.4 Should any products supplied and installed by the Plumber become faulty, this will be reffered to the supplier to recitfy the problem.
  • 8.5 Any materials or products supplied by the client will not come with a warranty.
  • 8.6 The Client shall inspect the goods & works on completion & must report any defects to parts or installation works
  • within 48 hours in writing to the Plumber of any alleged defects, shortage in quantity or damage. The client shall afford the Plumber an opportunity to inspect the alleged damage / defect within 7 working days from date of written notification & give the Plumber the opportunity to make good to Australian Standards within 14 days.